Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leave the Gloves alone

Aight...its Thursday...the media is talking about the presidential candidates taking their gloves off, I guess meaning that they will be smacking each other with their policies??? Well, I think the only reason they need to take the gloves off is to eat fried chicken or show off those pro nails. CHeck out Kid SIster's new video for Pro Nails...true true true stylin...Fashion Geek, I'm on my way to the Chi...WORD to the duck.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Airports suck but I like Maya Rudolph

Big shout out to everybody checking in on the Special Holiday editions of Ridin Big Radio on XM Satellite Radio and Music Choice. While I was at home enjoying some home cooking from Ma Dukes, I of course got a chance to ride through the old neighborhood, see who's married, knocked up or locked up. Of course gentrification is still even impacting places like Upstate New York, places where white people would never even think about living, where they used to be afraid of going to after dark are now housing remixed neighborhoods. Its all over the place, no matter where...but thats NOT why I'm writing this. I'm writing this blog to tell you about the future. Okay, Negrodamus I am not but I saw a movie that tugs at the slightest chance of possibly occurring. Imagine a world where water has been replaced by a sports drink (it has electrolytes!), a UFC fighter is the president, and after years of producing students with low reading and math comprehension levels the world has been dumbed down to the point of idiocracy. Does this sound crazy? I thought so as well but a glimpse into our possible future definitely caught my attention. Owen Wilson and Maya Rudolph (who is looking extremely hotter than usual, SNL whats up?) carry this as two people who were cryogenically frozen 500 years prior and wake up in this land of half-wits. Watching that Season 3 of the Wire on a personal marathon (taking the occasional break to check Maury cause you are NOT the father) reminded me of the lowering standards being put in place all over the country. I personally can't imagine skipping school as an elementary school student. Growing up with a teacher and a cop (mom and dad respectively) in the household probably encouraged my straight ways, at least at that point in time. Even high school, I think I skipped school to play hookey like maybe 3 times in that entire 4-year period (all of my friends were in school!). I was so interested in my own education, or at least being in the learning environment, I shadowed friends' schools for a day to hang out and go to their classes. I know I am painting this whole diatribe as if I am the model student but is that so wrong? I say all of this to really lead into my point about music. The level of education and overall feelings towards education had a profound effect on the music climate. Lets think about the 90s: Malcolm X's biography was in every other hand, Black College awareness was up and people even thought about the concept of knowledge of self. What are people interested in now: busting a quick one, super soaking that hoe (yes the song is about sex, you didn't know?), flossing hard? Instantaneous gratification has spoiled everyone: the internet can link you to a sex buddy in 10 minutes, make your song available to billions worldwide and let everyone see how ignorant you really on video. Let me say it, I enjoy technology and I always have. I remember when computers had 5 1/4" floppy disks, Apple IIc's were the shit, and Texas Instruments had actual cassette recorders for their data backup. Why am I talking about all of this? I would love for the world to take a turn for the better in 2008. I would love for half of the money being used to research erectile dysfunction and baldness to be used to cure Sickle Cell or raise the literacy level here in the United States. Am I a dreamer? See, what happens if some shit like "I Am Legend" happens from trying to cure something? Oh were screwed either way so cop the Lupe and hope for the best.