Saturday, May 17, 2008


Check me get deep with my quote about...NAS?!?!?!

Reverse Racism
DJs combine forces to present new mixtape

Washington, DC May 29th

As he gears up to release his ninth studio album, one of the most respected Hip-Hop narrators has encouraged the attention of three of the industries most recognized mixtape DJs. Reverse Racism, an aural dedication to the Queensbridge rapper, Nasir Jones has been put together by DJs Scream, Dub and Justo Award winner Furious Styles.

The tape which is available for free download is a testament to the man who has brought us classic albums such as Illmatic and Godson. Nas has since declaring Hip-Hop dead and tentatively titling his next album Nigger, encouraged debate within the board rooms of his label home, has incited opposition from the most revered Reverends and has fueled many a barbershop and street corner discussion.

The sheer ingenuity of his lyrical prowess and story telling has been molded into this epic collection of tracks by three of the hardest working DJs in the game. Aliging songs such as the Lauryn Hill assisted If I Ruled the World with the Salaam Remi produced Made You Look and War, this 32 track opus solidifies Nas's tenure and future in not just Hip-Hop but in addressing the attitudes and direction in which life evolves.

"You get to hear Nas's point of view from the perspective of 3 prominent DJ's that represent The North and the South. Nas's music has had an effect on anyone who loves hip hop regardless of gender, race and geographical location." --DJ Furious Styles

"This tape is crazy. Me, Dub and Styles went in. Its a historical ride through the career of one of the most influential hip-hop artists of our times" - DJ Scream

"We've had a chance to see Nas grow as an artist from Illmatic to now. Like all the unheralded greats, he's going through his share of adversity for making a social statement with his album title. The lynchings continue at the hands of the new overseers, the police. So to even give the man problems over his album title after similar album titles were released by NWA and Ol Dirty Bastard is ridiculous ." - DJ Dub



To request further information on the project or the DJs please contact Melanie at

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thirsty For Your Love

Awwww, I;m sure you thought this was going to be an ode to something soft and curvy. Well, kind of...Jean Grae is the truth...and a sexy one at that. Peep game, remix of "Love Thirst" featuring none other than the mighty Busta Rhymes!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Friday Night Live

As I contemplate what I can do to fix some of mtrusted music equipment, I am reminded by smartassphone, the lovable crack berry, about an incident I had on a beautiful Friday night, not too long on...

Friday Night Live...

As I stand alongside my partner, Furious Styles rocking D.C.'s new hotspot Ibiza, I come to the realization that DC is just like anywhere else. C.R.E.A.M. rules only apply. I feel like I'm in some sort of derivative caste system, similar to India. If youre not familiar, it mirrors our "paper bag test" made famous by the Black Bourgeoisie movement of the 20th century. The fairer-skinned individuals receive precedence over those of a darker pigment. Me being chocolate-skinned, I have always been a little miffed at the attention people get JUST because of their pigment. Granted, I've dated all parts of the color spectrum and I find that beauty comes in all shades. But I still see remnants of the "divide and conquer" strategy made popular in the days of legal slavery. Dudes rocking the new "conk" aka Wave Nouveau to give the impression of having "good hair". Yes, people are still saying that shit in the year 2008. As long as dudes get their hair relaxed and girls hit up their local beauty shop for that Indian Silky weave, we will be at the mercy of our shallow perceptions. The launching of a fashion line helmed by actor Boris Kodjoe, has taken the limelight away from the hard working DJ to put it on knee-high boots, peach-colored lining of suits and braggart lines of Egyptian Cotton. Me personally, I am not enthralled by metrosexual men wearing $3000 suits. I like what people like Boris are doing, making Black owned-clothing but at that pricepoint, who can afford that? Rent is due, phone is about to cut off, and I'm not thinking about my $200 shirt. I can admit, I took part in the middle-class meandering of my teen years: being a part of Jack and Jill, pseudo-worship of the Cosby Show and attendance of Morehouse College for my secondary level of education. Yes, I contributed to the ideal of the middle-class and how the presence of the "talented tenth" can help save out people. Granted, the notion of the tenth is platformed ideal which has never really come to fruition. 100 Black Men clubs across the nation have piqued the interest of their respective communities and have made some impact but haven't really made the type of impact that I think they were expected to. So as we sit and enjoy pollo brasa or fried chicken with waffles, we are reminded of the upward struggle of our forefathers and how much hasn't changed in over 100 years. Thanks Lincoln. Thanks Martin. Thanks Malcolm. We miss you and thank you eternally but we are still royally fucked up out here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The kids on the street have NO idea how the bootleggers get those cds...well, we got at the dude that get the ORIGINALS to the spots that the bootleggers steal from!!!

My man Remo Da Rapstar is getting it in on the streets, in the boardroom...check for him and the kid DJ Dub to get it poppin with the Classic Material!!!

In the mix is fresh music from the roots, Jadakiss, Remo Da Rapstar and MORE!!!

Listen / Download HERE NOW!

Duckdownian Science

Aight...we had the pleasure of having Buckshot stop by Ridin Big Radio...So of course we blessed it with the rich catalog that only a crew like BCC can garner.

Listen to the exclusive interview with Buckshot.

Classics and new joints from Black Moon, Smif N Wessun, OGC, Heltah Skeltah and more...CHECK IT OUT!!!