Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dub Sack Fridays: Dub's Nasty

Hey Kids,

Yes we are back with another installment of that good ol freshness from the Dubster.
This week we were blessed with new material from the Queens King, Nasir Jones. Fresh off his new album, Life Is Good, we catch Nas on some drums that inspire him to kick rhymes that paint pictures of Jordan 3s, Honey Buns, hood fitness and around the way girls. Enjoy!

Now that you need to get that FIX from Dub Sack Radio in your living room, man cave, or bedroom (yes some people get down hip-hop!). Don't worry, there's about 45 million people checking Music Choice on Verizon Fi-Os, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and RCN. Remember all times are EST!

6/16/2011 Thursday 7:00pm
6/17/2011 Friday 10:00pm
6/18/2011 Saturday 9:00am
6/18/2011 Saturday 9:00pm
6/20/2011 Monday 4:00pm

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dub Sack Fridays - Atypical to Find a DJ Like Me

Hey kids!

Its Friday and that means we are ready for another installment of the Dub Sack Fridays. So we're going to introduce you to one of the illest MCs out there. This endorsement is not being paid for, this is me stepping up for real hip-hop. Since I heard Sky years ago and we linked up for the Shine mixtape series for the next MCs, I've been rooting for the homey to win. Backed by DJ Booth, Jordan and Jamla, this mixtape should have rappers shaking in their Griffeys.

Peep the Documentary

*BONUS Footage

Download the mixtape HERE

Aight, now onto that Dub Sack Flavor - turn on Music Choice's Rap Channel in 45 million households on Verizon Fi-Os, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and RCN...tune in and turn it up! All times EST.

6/10/2011 Friday 3:00pm
6/11/2011 Saturday 1:00am
6/11/2011 Saturday 9:00am
6/11/2011 Saturday 9:00pm
6/12/2011 Sunday 3:00pm

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dub Sack Fridays - Urban Affairs

Hey Kids,

The Summer has unofficially kicked off and things are looking good like cold brews and barbeque. I'm out putting the finishing touches as we come to the end of this 2nd quarter of 2011 and things are looking up.

Now lets blast you with showtimes for Dub Sack Radio on Music Choice's Rap Channel; All times are EST and can be heard on Verizon Fi-Os, Comcast, Time Warner, RCN and Cox:



Sunday (Saturday @ midnight)


In addition, hitting you with a flavor mix to hold you down this summer. strictly the realllllllllllllll.

download here