Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New DC Featuring Luegar

DJ Dub, DJ Furious Styles and Organized Rhyme LLC
The New DC

The District Of Columbia has a rich history of trendsetting, whether it be in the realm of politics or player tricks, DC is one of the nation's richest cities. While DC is mostly known for its homegrown sound of Go-Go, there is an burgeoning hip-hop scene spawning great groundbreaking artists like Wale, Tabi Bonney and we now present Luegar.

Luegar represents the perfect combination of street savvy and pop accessibility. Enlisting DC's new tastemakers, Team Shine (DJs Dub & Furious Styles), Luegar has a new project that reflects the soundscape of the nation's capital. With songs like the grinding anthem, "Work" and the radio smash, "Weekend Girl", Luegar is poised to make an impact in the rap game.

Be on the lookout for other breakout smash songs on the mixtape including "Uptown", "Booty" and "Drugs" featuring labelmate, Tabi Bonney. This is only the beginning of what Organized Rhyme has to offer with its roster of innovative artists. Download this immediately and ride out accordingly.

Poppin Feat. Ladiase
New DC Freestyle
Take Flight
New DC Freestyle 2
Drugs Feat Tabi Bonney
Hell Of A Caper Feat Freekman
Weekend Girl Feat DiCapo
Booty Feat J Black / DiCapo
New DC Freestyle 3
What They Do Feat Montana / J Black
Do It Up feat Ladiase
On My Side Pt 1
New DC Freestyle 4
Rainy Nights Feat Ladiase
DJ Furious Styles Outro

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