Thursday, December 2, 2010

Got that ILL VIBE?

I think the first time I heard a Tribe Called Quest, I was in my house playing Nintendo (8-bit) Blades of Steel one Sunday night and I heard the festive guitar intro of "I Lost My Wallet in El Segundo". The following beats and rhymes culminated in a dizzying story of a friends traveling across the country to have some fun in the sun. The voice I'd heard before on songs with Jungle Brothers and De La Soul was this time alone in his rant. Q-Tip (Q-Tip) from a Tribe Called Quest made his movement known.

Now that 20 years has passed, hip-hop actor, Michael Rappaport is embarking on his own journey to document People's instinctive travels in the paths of rhythm with a film about A Tribe Called Quest.

And not to be forgotten, there is always the pause for the cause. Dubsack Radio bringing you the best in realy hip-hop every week on Digital Cable's Music Choice. Find Dub on the Rap Channel if you subscribe to Time Warner, Comcast, Cox, Verizon Fi-Os and RCN. All Times are EST:

12/3/2010 Friday 10:00pm

Inspiring me, I'm sharing the link to Q-Tip's Ill Vibe mixtape.

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