Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This means Fifteen...

I took some time out to attend a the niece of a friend's quincinera. I've been to debutante balls, beautillions, even a few barmitzvahs. Let me tell you, there has only been one other time I wished I had my rosetta stone game tight. The kids were so nervous that they were messing up the graceful entrance. Don't worry, the nervousness didn't stop there. It continued with dad who was so anxious that the waltz damn near turned into a two-step. The uncles came in and followed suit and 2-stepped right along following dad's model. Now, don't get it twisted I totally enjoyed myself. There was one major snafu, the dj. True, my friend asked me to do it and I declined. I wanted to actually enjoy myself for once. And here we are, seated watching the salsa train line go by. If there's one thing I have to remember is, its all in the hips. Right? Exactly. Its time for the open bar. Be right back.

Okay, sorry for the time lapse, open bar started and its only for an hour so I'm double fisting it now. Gotta get my face right or else it won't be a good party. Exactly. You know the steelo, I'm surprised there was no pre-party partying but I guess it might not be appropriate for a room full of high schoolers. Maybe I put myself on some sort of pedestal without warrant but sometimes my upbringing DOES come out and try to present itself. No I didn't grow up a heathen but, when its time to party holla at cha main man Dub Danger.

Speaking of Danger, When Dub is on Music Choice's Rap Channel...OMG, DANGER!!!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Okay...this week, I'm going to speak to something that has been going on alot this year. What is the difference between having that chat with a friend about their habitual lying or a platonic friend who's been your romantic interest for some time now? The answer is none. The both require a great deal of aplomb when approaching the situation. Do you bust in straight up and lay all your cards on the table or plot strategically? As Dres and Mr. 9.5 said, the choice is yours. This rant will not provide a black and white answer to all of the quandaries that pertain to your heart but, hopefully you'll be able to gain some insight to get it done.

Recently I've been charged with having to make some really tough decisions, both professionally and personally. The two worlds require a great amount of analysis and one mistake could lead to a road of regret. Luckily I have a strong support matrix in both realms to offer their guidance in matters of the heart and head. What? No mentor? No successful people around you? Well, dammit this is your chance to find them. You need to keep someone who's doing well in your eye sights to keep you focused. A friend at an old job said, "if you want to get bigger, watch the biggest dude at the gym and see what he does.". Sure it sounds easy but it makes sense. That boss that's skyrocketed through the ranks, the friend that's already gotten engaged to a beautiful person...ask them what they did to be happy. Granted, what they did may NOT be word-for-word the secrets to your success but there are always jewels in the story. Its up to you to siphon them from the gold miners pan.

Now that you've read all of that, here's the musical treats!!!!

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