Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dub Sack Radio: Year-Round Strawberries

Hey Kids!

This week, we heard verdicts handed down for people I don't know about, pondered why NBA players in the lockout can't master planking and questioned how people can continue slackin in their mackin. Worry not, we got parties going on, mixtapes coming out, new show times and good vibrations in the Dub Sack this week!

Aight...First on the menu, Dub Sack Radio Showtimes:
Dub Sack Radio can be heard on Cable - Music Choice's Rap Channel
Verizon - Comcast - Time Warner - Cox - RCN

All times are EST!!!

7/7/2011 Thursday 7:00 pm
7/8/2011 Friday 10:00pm
7/9/2011 Saturday 9:00 am
7/9/2011 Saturday 9:00 pm
7/10/2011 Sunday 3:00 pm
7/11/2011 Monday 4:00 pm

2nd business item: NEW MIXTAPE!!!
Okay so people have been asking me whats the hold up. My answer striving for greatness. This is a sequel to the 08 smash, Rebel Music with my cousin DJ Dub Floyd. If you're following this site or me on twitter (@deejaydub), you'll will no doubt be one of the first people to get a crack at this mash-terpiece! DF and myself (aka Team 20/20) really put our feet into this one and know that the heads will love this maybe more than the first!

Stay tuned as Rebel Music 2 will be available sooner than you can say Past Tell.

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