Monday, February 11, 2008

Flashing Lights...

This has been a nutsy week...kickin things off we had the Grammys.
Quick recap:

alicia = grammy posterchild

Kanye performs, shuts it down with some Tron-ish effects and pops in the goodness of Daft Punk's remixing megaton power pyramid...since the Grammys were all about collaborations and paying homage, what better than bring out the sampled artist?
Shed a tear for the Hey Mama remix...

Kanye wins best rap album and shuts the wrapitup music're home buddy!

I like Feist (Apple got me hip, I'm sad to say).

Why is jay acting up with this collaboration award? Rihanna can talk...or just not in front of B?

Since Amy Winehouse is BANNED in the US, she came live from London...and why are her dancers working out so hard? Rehab took on a new meaning when she sang it...I mean damn, didnt we see her smoking crack or meth a couple weeks ago? Hey if Marion Barry can get re-elected after his of the year, hands down!

will i am...i appreciate what he was trying to do but doesnt he seem to go over peoples heads??? Or just borderline corny? (you tell me!)

The grammys fucked up everybody with giving it to Herbie Kanye gonna badmouth/interrupt Herbie with Quincy on the stage? i think not. Foo fighters, maybe.

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