Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Derrrrrrrty know what it is...y'all boy is in St. Louis for a DJ Convention and am appreciating the chance to get to network with my peers...big shout to the homey Neves all the way from South Africa (he said its like L.A...who woulda thought?)

Anyway, having not been in the midwest in several years, i forgot how cheap it can be! Can you say bottles of Moet Rose for $100 at the club? Wow. I'm not even a champagne drinker like that but you know its always interesting to compare it to the $300-400 mark seen in Metro DC. One thing I will say is that the area out here is still intact, gold teeth, lots of locks and even a sighting of Murphy Lee last night. Big shout to the homey Jus Bleezy for having us its back to business!!!

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