Monday, March 3, 2008

Thanks to the Rose... of course I was talking about the pitfalls of drinking as opposed to other things and of course drinking was a loser. But lo and behold, here come those bottles of Moet Rose one after another! What do you do? Drink up or continue to wait for "your guy" (who is usually unavailable when you need him)? Well, this DJ, he gets, wayyyyyy down. Like I had NO idea that the bubbly was so powerful and sneaky. At least with bar drinks & brews, you have a standing count of whats been ingested. Needless to say, the Dubster is going to take a break from the bubbly and its back to my Red Bull and Cranberry jump off.

If you're reading this and wondering what does this have to do with the mixtape covers, it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Without the drunkeness, I would have nothing to refer to (the lows help you appreciate the highs).

These should be impacting shortly...Style & Grace 5 / Animal Planet on the streets in no time!!!

Big shout to the homies Cons and Sheek...

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