Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dub Sack Radio: Change Gone Come

The immortal words sung by Sam Cooke ring true as the battle for hip-hop continues on. I wish that it was still 95 and it was all about Timbos, Polos and whatcha know. Well obviously its 16 years later and the thing that we have to recognize is that the times are a changin. But to give you a quick throwback to slingshot you forward, you have to remember the NJ crew, Artifacts. I'm not going to get into my rap nerdhood and start talking about b-sides (Who I Am b/w Dynamite Soul Remix...if you know this you understand why the underground was so potent back then).

Aight now that you went way, way back...lets bring you back to the NOW.

Your weekly hip-hop fix is not cooked and bagged up and ready for you on Music Choice (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Verizon Fi-Os and RCN) on the Rap Channel.
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4/29/2011 Friday 3:00pm
4/30/2011 Saturday 9:00pm
5/1/2011 Sunday 12:00AM
5/2/2011 Monday 4:00pm

Enjoy and holla back.

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