Friday, May 13, 2011

Dub Sack Fridays: Music Is Our Rebellion

So if you're wondering whats up with DJ Dub and why he hasn't dropped any mixtapes so far this year...well, its because I, like Raekwon, am cooking up some marvelous sh!t right here.

One of my upcoming projects is a brainchild of Team 20/20 with my cousin, DJ Dub Floyd. So what happens if Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams all made an album together??? Yes...We are doing a sequel to the Child Rebel Soldier mixtape, Rebel Music.

Did you miss it the first time around??? Don't worry, WE GOT YOU!!!

Now that you have that in your system to tide you over until part 2 drops shortly, lets get into the Music Choice showtimes for this week.

Of course we are rockin out hardbody with nothing but the real hip-hop for 60 straight minutes on Music Choice (available on Verizon Fi-Os, Comcast, RCN, Cox and Time Warner)!!! ALL TIMES ARE EST!!!

5/13/2011 Friday 10:00pm
5/14/2011 Saturday 9:00am
5/14/2011 Saturday 9:00pm


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