Thursday, April 3, 2008


Aight...i am really tired from going through alot of hassle I think I could have easily avoided. Either way, long story short I get pulled over for a rolling stop. Get arrested for an unpaid fee and of course spend that unsettling night in jail. Even worse they put me through the 3 ring circus to get my whip back. Then 2 days after I get it back, I catch a major flat on i-95 and my spare is useless. Who invented donuts? I want a full size tire!!!

Anyway, I had to put this up...this gave me the laugh i needed today. Maybe you'll chuckle too.


Alli said...

as always, reaching you through your car...

Skylar said...

FTP stands for fuck the police, say it loud.

Danish pigs and kids in Copenhagen don't got a fraction as bad as us dudes who operate in and out of the D.

"Damn, why they gotta stick me for my paper" is what comes to mind reading your brush with what the brits call "filth". Apt word.

Sorry they got you.