Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why you think me and Dame cool???

Of course with another night of providing the night's soundtrack under the belt, there is always a problem. First off the place in question is located in a "trendy" part of town. Not trendy like neon dunks and skateboards. More like dudes holding hands. So of course I didn't really know that before I got there. So of course, I roll in the spot with my boy, Versace shades and a linen pink shirt on. I know, I know...totally not on purpose. I like pastels, they look good on the kid. So anyway, I arrive and there's no one there, like nobody. The bartender and some dude who keeps introducing himself as "Dan The Man". I'm like, "okay...dude you already introduced yourself twice!" So I get to the DJ booth and it looks like its all love. The club owner bum rushes us in the booth and starts ranting about "dont break my equipment! Its very expensive! Do you know what youre doing?" At first I was about to fire dude up but I didn't want to start off a potential new gig by flying this bumbo's head. Luckily my boy Furious Styles was there to buffer the situation and get me the shot of Patron to help bring me back down. Where there's a way to go wrong, God usually likes to see if I can overcome it. This day he did! They have a mixer there worth about $1400 that already has Serato built into it and I'm gassed! I plug the USB cable into my laptop and next thing you know, my laptop is freaking out looking for drivers and what not. Good thing that I brought my own SL box or else, it would've been me doing my best Movado-Hova-Rick Ross-Lil Wayne impressions all night with Furious on the beatbox. So after routing outside of the mixer then I find out that both of the mixer's headphones jacks are not functioning. This is a $1400 brand new mixer that some drunk clod prematurely pulled his headphones out of and basically rendered one of its most vital functions useless. So this is one of the few times I really am glad Serato was around because I can always try to mix by eyeballing the wave shapes. That worked for like 30 seconds, it was probably best that no one was there. I sounded so disjointed. Reggae set was decent though, riddims line up right with each other. But of course I was playing for a few friends and the bartender it was terrible. Maybe I'll be back again, maybe not...we shall see. In the meantime, check out this nutty shit.
New Nintendo Wii game - the Pii Pii

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