Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Okay...one of the best magazines that doesn't exist anymore has struck gold again!
Ego Trip's newest invention is the race for the next female MC. While there are plently of FemCs out there, lately they do seem to be a little troubled. Kicking it off, Serch and a very grown & sexy Yo-Yo pick the top 10 MCs. By not picking Hedonis Da Amazon, she leaked a Yo-Yo diss record the night of the show's premiere. Let's just say that I wasn't moved but hey, Hedonis is like 6 foot plus so I'm sure she may have scared somebody into liking her record.

There's the typical personality clashes, mostly revolving around the shows 2 elder stateswomen, Nicky2states and Khia. Why is Khia on there? Most likely to try to get her long-gone buzz back, maybe to get some money to buy more supportive bras, maybe to rekindle her beef with Trina. Who knows? But it does make for good drama. And of course, with a house full of women, there's bound to be some lezzy action. First episode already has some truth or dare smooching going on. Will we see some nightvision humpin around? Who knows, stay close to your tivo remote.

Tune in next time to see who had me in stitches this past Sunday!!!

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