Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Se7en Days of Ye: Day 1 - The Genesis

Kanye west has been at the forefront of this millenium's musical voice. Being able to go from backpack rapper to b-boy auto-Crooner is not a feat that many artists can lay claim to. After throwing a "molotov cocktail" at his career with the Taylor Swift incident, The Louis Vuitton Don has regrouped and has made a committment to evoke 100% hip-hop on the upcoming album, Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The rise to power has been archived on the Style & Grace series in its first six iterations. With various guests and themes, DJ Dub has captured the plight, struggle and victory from Ye's musical perspective.

Upon completion of Volume 7, Dub wanted to give all of Kanye's fan a treat and in turn has deemed September 23-September 30, the Se7en Days of Ye. Every day @ noon, from September 23-30, you can catch a link to download a volume of the Style & Grace series so by day se7en, you'll be ready for all that power.

After dropping Jay Electronica's well-recived "Victory" mixtape earlier this year, Dub decided to revisit one of his most popular and familiar mixtape series. People have been a fan of the Style & Grace mixtape series because of its showcasing of unreleased material and Dub's panache for remixing. They've been seen at all of your favorite sites like Vibe, The Smoking Section, The Source and more.

Day 1 - September 23
Style & Grace - Volume 1


As an added bonus, here's a link to sample what Volume 7 is going to bring your eardrums. Enjoy!

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