Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Se7en Days Of Ye: Day 6 - Songs

One day left!!! The unveiling of Volume 6 came at a pivotal time of Kanye's career. Having successfully sashayed into the realms of aristocracy's favorite pastimes, couture and dance music, Yeezy really had much to be arrogant about. Designing possibly the most expensive shoes by an MC for MCs, Ye really set the bar high for all of his endeavors at this time.

Style & Grace Volume 6 revealed Kanye as a lyricist of unsurpassed literary ability, adept at the techniques of alliteration and polyprosopon, able to create the most sincere poetry of his day, and all the while incorporating into his work a subtext critical of the current state of affairs. This volume sports a nice dance set at the end including a fun remix of Kanye's Workout Plan. Enjoy! One more day until part 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download Style & Grace Volume 6 Here

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