Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beatdown for the Holidays

Sorry if this is coming a little late my friends, I have been ailing from some lightweight sickness. Thanks to common sense and medicine, I am feeling MUCH better.

Up first, Music Choice showtimes!!!

12:00 noon


Up next is probably the dumbest thing security could do, at least on camera (besides say their names, address, phone number and twitter handle). I've seen something like this happen in front of my eyes with a certain boxer's entourage. FAIL.

And if you're wondering whats good, Everybody Hates Chris has been alongside me in my bed-ridden state. Trust me its in good shape, unlike Rihanna's public image.
I thought she was about to get a Lifetime movie now she wants to be on Spike talking about how she treats her assets. FAIL.

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